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VR Presenter

Virtual Lecture
Distance Learning

VVirtual Presenters Famaly are software and hardware systems, providing real-time creation and visualization of images (including stereo) virtual environments with different thematic focus in combination with the video of real characters (lecturer, guide and so on), Carrying out direct interaction with the demonstrated virtual models..

The use of virtual studios avoids the significant costs associated with the production and installation of scenery and a necessary part of the conversion film studios. The technology of “virtual camera” provides cost studio space and an opportunity to create a small studio in several complex projects – this is very important, especially for small broadcasters.

These systems are designed to improve the efficiency of the educational process or presentations through the use of integrated virtual reality technology, ensuring the presence of a lecturer in the subject virtual environment and its direct interaction with models demonstrated objects. One of the major advantages of this approach – is increasing interest exhibited by materials that, along with the clarity of subjects, increases the effectiveness of learning. This is especially important in the study of complex and poorly formalized objects with large volumes of data.

All¹Presenter” is a specialized software player for libraries of ready virtual scenery (Virtual Sets). User-friendly interface is well suited for the creation of educational content and study of virtual studio technologies..

VR-Presenter” is primarily focused on the personal use for management of the presentations, lectures, reports, etc. The interface is intuitive and designed for a wide range of users..



All¹Presenter allows you to organize live shooting with simultaneous recording and broadcasting (including popular streaming services Youtube, Facebook, etc.). All¹Presenter combines in realtime synthesized three-dimensional virtual scenery, live video image of the character (student, teacher) and multimedia data in various formats (audio and video, Power Point – presentation, images, text, etc.). Used technology is trackless camera virtual studio (real cameras are fixed, tracking sensors are absent). The illusion of shooting in three-dimensional space is created by the movement of virtual cameras. During the shooting you can control predefined animation of virtual cameras and a variety of virtual objects of the scene, choose a variety of media materials for demonstrations, control the sound. In certain scenes, the operator can control the virtual camera or objects directly with the joystick or mouse.
The standard package contain collection of 10 sets / scenarios. If desired, you can order additional kits or individual sets for specific needs (specific subject areas, types of shooting, etc.).
Technically, the product is based on the MS Windows platform (version 8.1 and higher) and requires NVIDIA graphics accelerator with adequate performance (GeForce 780 and higher). FDExt line of products from SoftLab, DeckLink from BlackMagic Design and Yuan products can be used as an input-output cards. Output of resulting audio/video streams can be carried out by using of mentioned input-output cards and additional outputs of graphics accelerator . It is possible to organize an additional output for an actor (the monitor with mirror display or not) in order to facilitate the orientation of the actor in a virtual environment.




VR-Presenter - a product with an intuitive interface, designed for a wide range of users.

Presenter interface allows you to create and edit a collection of media files, video streams and control commands simple drag and drop (using drug & drop) to appropriate icons. On the basis of these collections the user can create playlists as individual scenarios and lessons, lectures, online conference or web-tv-transmission.

Any combination of SD / HD input and output streams.

Advanced Chroma Key technology allows you to combine a high quality output with ease of production.

An additional advantage is the ability to work in multi-frame mode.