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Le¹Mix – broadcasting and recording lectures

Le¹Mix - Knowledge On Air

Le¹Mix – software solution to dramatically expand the capabilities of the standard equipment used for technical maintenance of public lectures, presentations, classes, lectures, conferences, etc.

The usual (without using “Le¹Mix”) scheme is that the demo video stream containing media materials (ppt-presentations, slides, videos, etc.) is available from your computer directly to the display device (projector, monitor or interactive whiteboard). For the broadcasting organization (records) required the operator (s) with a video camera, and editor, respectively, broadcast and recording system.

When using the “Le¹Mix” demo video stream, streem from  PTZ-cameras (one or two), the sound from the microphone are fed to “Le¹Mix”.

Le¹Mix allows:
  • mix demo video stream and live video from PTZ cameras in various “picture-in-picture” ways
  • quickly add title elements (screen, titles, subtitles, timers)
  • control PTZ-cameras
  • display the resulting video on  monitor
  • broadcast video to the network (eg via “YouTube”)
  • record video to your hard drive or portable device

All these tasks can be done easily  by one “Le¹Mix” operator. Thanks to convenient, easy to use and intuitive interface.