D-Graphica | All¹Mix – software live production TV studio
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Software Live TV Studio All¹Mix

All¹Mix - Turn your PC into live television production studio!

All¹Mix – universal software which includes almost all necessary functionality for small television production studios. All¹Mix combines a professional approach to the quality of rendering and signals processing with a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Includes powerful tools for working with overlay graphics.

All¹Mix – integrated software package for live production studios:

  • Up to 8 external input media sources. Inputs analog and digital SD and / or HD (depending on the IO boards), NDI, IP sources with automatic conversion to the output format (fitting and scaling by specified rules).
  • Multichannel Digital Media Playback (images and sequences, video, sound, etc.). Work with playlists and individual files, interactive control.
  • The professional quality of operating with all signals in real time:
    • Color Correction
    • Keying
    • Automatic hi-quality de-interlacing
    • Integrating/scaling of video in arbitrary dimensions
    • Mix multi-format audio. The sound from all possible sources (online or video file) is mixed with an appropriate control on each channel (Pan, Balance, Mute, Solo, Delay).
  • Multiscreen – previews embedded in the user interface. Preset and Program Preview windows, as well as 8 used for mixing media sources.
  • PTZ Cameras control – you can use presets or real-time interactive control directly from GUI (Pelco-D,  VISCA and Panasonic protocols).
  • Expandable set of transitions and special effects. All¹Mix provides drop-free switching of input signals through a set of standard transitions (Fade, Mix, Wipe, Burn, Page curl etc.) and constructed by the user.
  • Up to 8 layers of separately managed overlays:
    • Two logo
    • Clock
    • Two PIP (picture in picture)
    • Three title-graphic compositions
  • Multilayer title-graphic compositions. It creates by built-in compositions editor that supports unlimited multi-layered graphics with animation, templates for interactive changing content, using any media sources, etc.
  • Playlists for media-files playback. Support of a playlists for videos, “live” sources, images and image sequences with additional events management.
  • Three-dimensional virtual scene as the media source. Real-time three-dimensional virtual studio with the assignment of its own additional media sources to virtual scene elements. Supports set of  pre-installed states of the virtual camera with auto animated or predefined transitions between them.
  • Hardware Console. In addition to the software interface, All¹Mix can be optionally controlled by external hardware control panels, in particular series DSC (DVL production), ODYSSEY (VideoSolutions productions), WORLDE EASYCONTROL etc. To control audio a MIDI console are supported. For example, motorized controller Behringer BCF 2000 with the possibility of setting up to 10 presets is supported.
  • In/Out Boards FDExt, DeckLink, Yuan, etc. As a hardware input/output boards produced by SoftLab-NSK, BlackMagicDesign, Yuan and some other (DS API, like USB cameras) are supported.
  • Recording and Network Broadcasting. Built-in recording and broadcasting has separated setup of parameters. Live translations to Youtube, Wowza, Facebook etc., NDI stream are supported.
  • Two hardware outputs are supported (for example, with different settings like HD/SD)

All¹Mix is running in MS Windows environment and demands for your computer is powerful enough for reliable operation, in particular, it should be equipped with high-performance graphics accelerator from NVIDIA (>4Gb).

All’Mix now available in two configuration, Standard (described above) and Base. All’Mix Base does not include 3D Virtual sets (only 2D Graphics compositions with chromakey); no titles animation, and external texts (text tables); no playlists; no user transitions; only one hardware output available.

You can download and test free demo version (watermark) from here.